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When we began working with Virginia Salas Kastilio, it was clear that the organisation has large goals and needed to move swiftly in their execution and decided to partner with us due to our experience within their industry. At the end of the project, we was able deliver on what was required to launch their platform and course - we also agreed to post-project support to make sure that any unpredictable issue would be resolved.

Message from the founder.

The Problem

When the client approach us, here was the core pain points that they was facing within their organisation:

  • Zero automation and funnels set up for their digital offerings
  • Outdated website designs
  • Broken email sequence and segmentation

Our Solution

After a couple of initial discussions on understanding the main bottlenecks for their organisations, it was clear that the company didn't have the in-house expertise to execute on what was required for their next stage of the roadmap. So we quickly devised a plan - allocating our resources that gave clear deliverables what we could do and timeframe associated.

  • Streamling email sequences and creating a better segmentation system.
  • Design & develop a new landing page
  • Build nurturing campaigns for prospects

The Outcome

The launch happened on time as expected, selling their digital course and selling out on virtual the event they had planned. The new pages, sequences and automations has the desired effect of creating more simplicity for the brand so they could focus on the most important tasks.

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